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"In Memory of David's Buick is a hilarious and harrowing road tale. Part love story, part ode to the state of Iowa, and a full-on homage to the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, Buick is a big score for book lovers and an even bigger one for musicians." -- Santa Fe New Mexican

"Like all great art, In Memory of David's Buick both allows and challenges the reader to do as much thinking as brain power, time and desire will facilitate.." -- Iroquois County Times-Republic

Reader feedback for "David's Buick"

"I'll confess I know Bob Saar, but I'm also known for being hard to please, so let me give "In Memory of David's Buick" its due. It's a picaresque tale that evokes some of the same spirit as Tom Robbins' "Another Roadside Attraction," which may make it seem naive and dated in the second decade of the 21st century. There are echoes of Bob Dylan and Neil Young and a nostalgia for a time when some people actually believed that sex and drugs and rock & roll could save the world. But there are also strong, well-drawn characters and a good story with episodic details that pull the reader along to the end. There's quite a bit to like here."
-- Bill Pierce, Toronto

"Bob Saar has developed some great characters in this book. Bucky's girl friend Lido Wan is so impulsive and troubled by her own family history she should make Tom Robbins, another of my favorite authors, sit up and take notice. The members of Bucky's band are so well conceived you can almost smell the booze on their collective breath."
-- Robbie Mack, Tulsa

"This is a rollicking good tale of discovery, heartbreak and hilarity. There are scenes of american baseball, small dogs, native mysticism, and broken hearts, even dastardly deeds. Bob Saar takes us on a great ride through the country and our times. "
-- JayJay2, New Orleans

"You know that saying, 'Yeah this is my book. No, you can't borrow it.' This will be one of those books you say that about. You lend it, you'll never get it back. This is a must read. I'm on my fourth read, and the book's only been out a couple months. It's like the movie you have to go back to because you missed something the first time around, and the second, and the third. I will keep it in my library (no, you cannot borrow it)."
-- Barnes & Noble reader

a novel by Bob Saar

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"You won't know all about rock and roll until you've been on the road in David's Buick."

-- Zephyr Blue

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