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bob wrote dense technical manuals for twenty years, but few people read them, and then only in desperation

this summer, bob heads out on the road with the "David's Buick 66 Tour of the Far Midwest." They'll go down through Missouri into Arkansas, Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle before turning north to Santa Fe and Taos and the Colorado front range towns up to Lyons; then it's home across Kansas.

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Newest release:

a novel by Bob Saar

he has three more on the stove, and two book proposals to sell

He has short stories and these:

Butterflies for Uncle Ho

A Thousand Miles From Nowhere

bob has 111 original songs for you

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Bob Saar is a writer, author, musician and videographer click it and find out... he's been writing songs and playing guitar almost 40 years... he's been writing
songs and playing guitar more than 45 years... videographer credits and whatnot writing samples and the like write to Bob